Sunday, 4 December 2011

Devizes Chamber Choir Sings its Socks Off!

A group of sopranos wearing their best Christmas outfits.
We sang like angels at our Christmas concert,  and so unlike a few days before, when the entire choir seemed to cough and splutter its way through a rehearsal in the church.  As usual it all came together on the night and we produced some wonderful sounds.  The congregation also enjoyed itself singing the traditional carols.   The entire choir had a tiring day, with a long rehearsal in the afternoon and a two hour concert in the evening.   During the interval we tucked into mince pies and drank a glass or two of wine, which gave us the energy to sing the "Hallelujah Chorus" as our final piece.  It was a most successful and enjoyable evening.

In early January we start rehearsing for our spring concert, in which we will be singing Rossini's "Petite Messe Solennelle,"  a work I have never sung before, in fact I cannot remember ever singing anything written by Rossini over the last 55 years.   I started singing in the school choir when I was eleven, having been much inspired by my music teacher Miss MaClean, who imbued me with a life long love of music,  particularly that of my favourite composer,  Herr Johann Sebastian Bach.
The rehearsal in St John's Church.

The best part of the evening, wine and mince pies!

The Choir and congregation singing  a carol.

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