Saturday, 10 December 2011

Four Days in Salisbury. (Back on Tuesday 13th December)

These crocuses have nothing to do with Salisbury, I just like the colour and pattern of the petals!  Tonight I am listening to the "Messiah" sung in Salisbury Cathedral, it will be wonderful experience.  I have a friend in the city, who  lives conveniently near the Cathedral, so I will stay with her for a few days, do some shopping and on Monday evening,  listen her son singing in the Christmas carol service, once again in the Cathedral.  I must mention that her husband cooks a really good curry!

You can read about the Cathedral at:  and of course at: - Salisbury Cathedral.  Is is a magnificent medieval structure where John Constable painted a very famous of the view of the building in the 16th cent.   I will be back with more news on Tuesday December 13th 2011.

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