Friday, 16 December 2011

Yet Another Market Day

I suppose I just like my fruit and vegetables, but Devizes market is a great place to take photos.  Christmas is coming and the market is very busy.  These photos were taken last week, this week, because of the weather many stalls had no canopies because of the predicted high winds.  It has been known for the canopies to blow over in inclement weather.  On market day I always meet the "girls" for coffee in the "Black Swan."  Yesterday was no exception, where we drank coffee, talk women's talk and planned our drink and meal next week in this lovely pub with the nice staff.   After coffee I walked to the "Castle Hotel" for Christmas lunch with friends from Chantry Court.  The Christmas lunch was lovely, all well cooked and presented.  I had a wonderful fresh fruit salad for dessert.  I ate, talked, laughed, drank sherry and had a good time.

I spoke to the staff who said that the hotel is fully booked for Christmas and for the Christmas day lunch.  Many pubs are opening on Christmas day hoping to increase their trade in these difficult times.  Cheers!  Lets hope all the pubs in Devizes survive the recession!
Carrots and runner beans by the plastic basketfull

Black, shiny aubergines

Parsnips, a "must have" when roasted for Christmas lunch

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