Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Recce in the Wilds of Netherstreet

We go one way, the sign says the other!
Here are some photos from a recent recce into the wilds of Netherstreet!   Our leaders had a map which showed the paths clearly marked, but when we arrived, we found some paths impassable, either with thorny brambles, or with rotten wooden stiles.  We did manage to walk a short section of the old Roman road that originally ran from Bristol to London.  The signage in the first photo is somewhat confusing, the footpath goes straight ahead, but the byway goes to the left.  We walked through harvested fields of sweetcorn, with only the stumps left to rot, and eventually found a field of curious llamas, who watched us with an air of disdain!  Netherstreet boasts a Buddist temple, which was a complete revelation to me!  This is a meditation centre for those wishing to escape our crazy world for a few days!   We ended our recce in "The Oliver Cromwell,"  a pub in which we had lunch and a pint.  

Roundway Down, the site of a civil war battle in July 1643 is in the background of two photos.  Oliver Cromwell was the leader of the Roundheads, who deposed King Charles 1, and battled with the Royalists for supremacy, and eventually won the civil war.  Oliver Cromwell did not fight here in the battle, but he is commemorated by the pub name.
The Rolling Wiltshire Roundway Down.

Curious llamas watch us with caution!

The Buddist Temple in Netherstreet

The final destination for lunch, "The Oliver Cromwell" in Netherstreet.

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