Monday, 17 October 2011

The Churches of St John, St James and St Mary, Devizes

St John's Church, Devizes

The small market town of Devizes is unusual in having three large medieval churches.  They are  pictured here,  and every year the Devizes Chamber Choir sings its Christmas Concert in St John's.   On Sunday evening I started rehearsing Haydn's "Nelson Mass"  which we singers from the "White Horse Opera Company" will be performing in November in St Mary's, the church that stands conveniently beside my home in New Park Street.  I photographed the snow clad church at the beginning of 2011, at a time when we were rehearsing Mozart's "Mass in C Minor."  The church is no longer used for services, but it is hoped that it can be used as an arts and music centre for the many groups in Devizes.  More information about Haydn and the Mass can be gleaned on:  Mass for Troubled Times. How very appropriate, has there ever been a time that was not troubled?

St James's Church stands beside the "Crammer Pond" notable for its association with the story of the "Moonrakers,"  the name given to all those who are born in Wiltshire.  (I am not a Moonraker, I hail from Surrey.)  I will tell you the story of the "Moonrakers" in a later blog.

St James's Church standing beside the "Crammer" Pond.

A Snow-clad St Mary's Church in Devizes.

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