Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Tale of Two Choirs in "Sheep Street."

"Sheep Street" Baptist Church.

 The photo left shows the Baptist Church in "Sheep Street" Devizes.  (Devizes has some interesting street names, my favourite being "Monday Market Street")  "Devizes Chamber Choir" meets on a Tuesday evening in the large hall behind the church, where we practise for our concerts.  Last evening we sang in the church itself, as we combined with  "Swindon Chorale"  to rehearse for a concert we shall give in Swindon in November.  The choir consisted of about 60 singers and we sounded magnificent!  We are singing a mixed programme, including Vivaldi's "Gloria," the "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's Messiah, some carols and a piece entitled "The Three Minute Messiah," a comical piece based on Handel's work, but over and done with in three minutes flat!  I think Mr Handel will turn in his grave. 

The photo below shows the sopranos sorting their music and waiting for the rehearsal to begin.  My friend Sally, looking at the camera, looks very serious!   Unfortunately she makes me laugh, so sometimes we get the school girl giggles during a practise!  Our choir has new conductor, Pamela, a Canadian, who is really enthusiastic and a good leader.  She gets the best out of us and is a pleasure to sing for.  I missed six practises whilst in BS, so I have a lot of music to learn.  Thank goodness I can read music and catch up quickly.   You can read about the choir on: 
               The sopranos are sorting their music.

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