Saturday, 29 October 2011

Fame at Last

 Last January I entered a writing competition, and after dashing off a few hundred words without much care, (I didn't even keep a copy) I found myself being congratulated for writing such an interesting piece of travel information.  My story was entered into the final of the competition, and low and behold, it won me some money and a place in a Bradt Travel Guidebook.  This week I received my free complimentary copy and my story reads really well, I am very chuffed!  The book retails for £15.99, but can be bought through the U3A for £10.   I like the book's cover, and below are the opening lines of my article, I hope you can read some of it.  I described a journey on the Trans Wilts Express 49 bus, from the Market Place in Devizes to Avebury. The journey passes through the rolling landscape of iron age Wiltshire, with its Bell barrows, ancient tracks and  Silbury Hill, and onwards to the ancient Stone Circle at Avebury.

Wiltshire is unique in having two large iron age stone circles,  one in Avebury and the other, the well known "Stonehenge."   The man made Silbury Hill remains an enigma, and West Kennet Long Barrow, up on top of its hill,  is an interesting place to visit.      

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