Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Gigantic Spider has Arrived in Devizes for Halloween.

The Black Swan's giganitc spider!

This gigantic, hairy spider is about to be mounted on the wall outside the "Black Swan Hotel" as part of the approaching night of "Halloween" on the last night of October.    I was not impressed, I am not a lover of spiders, even the tiny little specimens induce terror in me.  Today was market day and I did my usual wander around the many multicoloured stalls selling everything from potatoes and beetroot to thick winter socks and cotton nightdresses.  The photo below shows plants for sale in the market.  Thursdays in Devizes is always very busy, everyone comes out to buy cheap fruit and vegtables in the market and to enjoy a natter with friends and neighbours.  It's always a hive of activity.

Celia and "Pippin" her delightful poodle are pictured out enjoying a long walk  this afternoon.   Celia takes him to dog training classes and today we practiced "sit and stay" which he found difficult with all the distractions around.   He is a real character in his woolly coat with his stocky legs and jaunty walk.  He looks very dapper and is much admired by passers by.  I bought him a dog toy back from Braunschweig, a plastic "Wurst" on a piece of rope.  He loves to get his teeth into it and it has become his favourite non squeaking toy. 
Plants for sale in Devizes Market.

Celia and Pippin the Poodle.

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