Friday, 11 November 2011

The 49 Bus to Bishops Cannings and a Walk Back.

The 49 waits at the Bus Island.
Here she is, the No. 49 Trans Wilts Express waiting to take us to Bishops Cannings.  Today I led a small group of walkers to Bishops Cannings, a small village about four miles miles outside Devizes.  We alighted near "The Crown" the village pub and then walked up onto a hillside ridge, but not for long, we soon walked down again towards the K&A canal towpath for the flat walk back into Devizes.  The photo below shows the group in "Quakers Walk," the name having nothing to do with the Quakers, but is a corruption of "Keepers" meaning a game keeper, a man responsible for looking after the game birds, pheasant, grouse, quails etc, on a large estate. 

This pathway led towards Roundway Down and the former "Roundway House" a large mansion with many historical connection, which was demolished just after the war and replaced by a new house. 
The two curious concrete domes on top of Brickham Bridge are tank stoppers from the last war.  When it was thought that an invading force might use the canal for transport, large concrete obstacles were placed to impede invading vehicles.  Kitty then arrived to meet us and said hello, but soon disappeared again as a man with a big black dog approached.
Strolling back through Quakers Walk.

Over Brickham Bridge complete with tank stoppers.

Kitty wanted to join us.

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