Saturday, 26 November 2011

Christmas Comes to Devizes with a BANG!

The Queen of the Frost spreads her icicle hands.
The Queen of the Frost frightens small children in Devizes, an exciting way to start the Christmas celebrations!  Last night Santa arrived in  town  and welcomed the coming  festive season with a few words from Lapland.  Hundreds of excited children and parents joined the lantern parade that wandered around the town.   Santa had his snowy grotto at the Wharf, and when the paraade arrived, he joined in and was excorted into the Market place.  Here he climbed onto the balcony of the "Bear Hotel" and turned on the lights.  The Christmas tree lit up, and Bang! Bang! cascades of red and white rockets  arched over our heads.   It was a wonderful occasion, with christmas market stalls selling crafts and gifts in the Market Place, in the Corn Exchange in in the Old Cheese Market,  known as the "Shambles." 

The white horse below is a big lantern, carried by two people, and just one of the many so imaginatively made by local school children.  Wiltshire is famous for its white horses carved into the chalk downland, and Braunschweig in Germany also has a white horse as an emblem.  Santa can be seen below greeting everyone. (Secretly I know him as Ray, one of my friends who is learning German, and doing very well.)
A White Horse leads  the lantern parade.

Fireworks and lanterns.

Santa brings a Christmas message from Lapland to Devizes.

More cascading rockets and lanterns.

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