Sunday, 27 November 2011

Six Miles around Compton Bassett with the Mid Wilts Ramblers.

Walking under another mighty English oak
Every Sunday the Mid Wilts Ramblers organise a walk in the local area.  We meet in Tesco's car park in Devizes, climb into various cars, and take the short journey to the start of the walk.  Yesterday we enjoyed a walk around Compton Bassett, a small village about six miles north of Devizes.   There are several place names bearing the name Bassett, which I believe derives from the Bassett family and their medieval land ownership.  The now famous Royal Wootten Bassett, Winterbourne Bassett and Berwick Bassett are another three towns and villages in the vacinity.    Sunday morning was unseasonally warm and sunny and a group of 18 walkers set out for a six mile walk around the small village.  At one point we passed Hill's Waste Landfill site,   a mega hole in the ground into which local refuse is dumped.  The company also runs a huge recycling centre from an industrial sized big shed,  which is painted green and blends well into the landscape.  Gas produced from this landfill site produces enough energy for 4,000 homes.  There was no smell, which surprised me, but we did contemplate on the amount of rubbish we, as a country, produce, which is a rather terrifing thought!  

There was no opportunity to visit the church which, I am told, contains some interesting stone carvings, but I have added Compton Bassett to my list of "Must See Churches" before I leave planet earth for................. ?
Dappled sunlight on a warm November morning.

Making our way down towards the village.

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