Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fog Yesterday, Fog Today and Fog Tomorrow.

The Millenium White Horse in fog, to the left on Roundway Down
The weather is in its "Dire November" mood, with fog, drizzle and widespread gloom.  I did venture out today, as yesterday I spent the day nursing my aching right wrist, that's what comes from writing too many German emails.  The top photo shows the path from Quakers Walk to the foot of Roundway Down, the site of an English Civil War battle on 13th July 1643.  Cromwell was never here, but there are references to him, with a pub named, "The Oliver Cromwell" and part of the Down is called "Oliver's Castle."  It was here, at "Bloody Ditch,"  that the Royalists drove the Roundheads over the edge of the chalk escarpment and won the battle for King Charles 1.   Each year a group re-enact the battle with much  colourful relish, the clashing of swords, gun smoke   and artificial blood!    www.devizesheritage.org.uk/battle_of_roundway.html  

To the left of the photo is a foggy white horse carved into the chalk, you may just be able to make it out near the top of the hill.  There is a tradition in Wiltshire of carving horses into the chalk and this one was created in year 2000 to celebrate the Millennium.  It is unusal in that it gallops to the right,  but that is because it can then meet the neighbouring Alton Barnes horse that is galloping to the left.  They can meet and kiss in the middle.  On its 10th anniversary, many of us stood on the horse in the shape of a 10, while a plane few over and took  photos.  I'm in them somewhere and will post one tomorrow, if I remember. 

The view under the bridge shows swans with their cygnets, and the blue boat is "Avon Vale" a K&A Trust workboat that helps keep the waterway clear of fallen trees and other obstructions.

Quakers Walk

Towards Devizes Wharf through Cemetery Road Bridge

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