Thursday, 3 November 2011

Rehearsing in St.Mary's Church for the "Nelson Mass."

St Mary's square clock tower.

I hope you can just about make out the clocktower of St Mary's Church where we recently held a rehearsal of the "Nelson Mass." I think the clock shows 7.15pm.  Our singing sounded wonderful, and I did not want the practise to end, but by 9.30pm we were all getting a little crokey.  The soprano line is very high, and on several occasions we have to reach a top A, and a single top B, which is almost out of my range.  I really have to breath well, but somtimes restort to miming the high notes and smiling the while!  We are singing the Mass on Friday to a large congregation that will include the Mayoress of Devizes.  It will be the first time a tradional Mass has been sung in the church for many, many years.  This church is one of three huge medieval churches in Devizes, which is almost unique for such a small town.  St Mary's is now redundant and moves are being made to turn it into a community arts and music centre.  It is a wonderful building and the oldest of the three churches.  I have sung in St John's Church but not in St James's the third church.  

The rather ghostly photo below shows the south door, and I must admit I was rather surprised that the photo came out as well as it did, even on a night setting.  The lowest photo shows some of the altos and tenors resting during our break.  The young man, second from right, is our conductor.  He is only 22 years old but has a maturity far beyond his age.  His mother sings in the choir and said he was musical almost as soon as he was born!  He is very talented and is lovely to work with.  I'm now off to watch a programme about "The Symphony," the history and development of the musical form. beginning with the works of Joseph Haydn in the 18th century.   Nighty night!

The South door of the church.

Having a break during the rehearsal.

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