Saturday, 5 November 2011

A Mass to Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Parish "Mary, Mother of the Church."

A full congregation in St Mary's Church.

Only three  known  Catholics worshipped in Devizes in 1761, although by 1861 in nearby Chippenham 20 more were worshipping.  The first centre for the Mass  in Devizes was a  disused warehouse  in Monday Market Street, which was served  from Chippenham until 1864.   In 1865 the new Catholic Church was opened.  Last night the "White Horse Opera Chorus" sang parts of Haydn's "Nelson Mass" to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the catholic church. The church was packed with worshippers, and our voices singing in this magnificent medieval church sounded wonderful.  Haydn's Mass is a glorious piece to sing,  I enjoyed the music in spite of its top As and Bs.

St Marys  is now redundant, and is to be turned into a much needed arts, dance, exhibition and music centre for the people of Devizes.   The pews will be replaced with moveable seating, a wooden floor laid,  and an extention will provide toilets and facilities for refreshments.
Below is a photo of the bright candles in my window.  I do hate the dark, early evenings of winter, and the brightness of the light makes me feel so much better.  Many people suffer from SAD, Seasonal Effecive Disorder, and bright light in the form of a lightbox, which mimicks sunlight is used as a therapy.  Sitting with bright light really works on cold, dark winter evenings and nights.
My lights to brighten the dark winter nights.

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