Monday, 12 November 2012

A Black Dog at "Black Dog Halt."

Striding out together on the old railway track.
I'm still in Calne looking "Tugger," and will be here until Friday Nov 16th, when my friends return from their visit to India,  and I can then go back to my own bed in Devizes.  The weather has been a little mixed, with some frosty mornings, heavy showers but with mostly dry days.   Sunday was lovely,  with bright sunshine in a blue sky,  and in the afternoon we enjoyed a walk along the old railway line, the one I wrote about in my Friday blog.   The walk was flat of course, (I like flat walks) and although very muddy, it made an easy three mile return stroll.  Above Celia can be seen stepping out towards the sunset with "Pippin" the black poodle.

At "Black Dog Halt"
We took "Pippin" the black dog, to "Black Dog Halt" where he can be seen with his paws up on the old platform, and the sign in the background.  It was a lovely walk, and on our return we tucked into chunks of walnut cake, Scottish shortbread biscuits, and good cups of strong English tea.   What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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