Friday, 2 November 2012

Singing My Heart Out in Salisbury Methodist Church.

I'm singing this weekend  in Salisbury, unfortunately not in the catheral, but with my friend P in the Methodist Church.  The "Come and Sing" has been arranged by the charity "Living Water Africa" and the "Requiem" by Bob Chilcott, will be conducted by the composer himself.   We will practise throughout the day, and then sing  an informal  performance  of the work on Saturday at 5pm.  At the moment I have the sniffles, but I hope that by Saturday, I will be able to sing like an angel.  At  the moment I sound more like a hyena!  The photo right shows the west front of the cathedral, with a detail of the west door in the photo below.  I would like to sing in this beautiful building, and hope that one day my wish will be granted.     Last year I sang in a Christmas carol service here, but that is not quite the same as singing a complete JS Bach choral work.   Today I'm catching the 3.25pm  "boneshaker" bus to Salisbury , and will meet P in her office near the bus station at 5pm.  I'll spend two nights with P and F,  her "good curry maker" husband, and return home on Sunday. 

 The great west door of Salisbury Cathedral.
The journey from Devizes to Salisbury takes approx one hour and fifteen minutes, and the bus travels through many little Wiltshire villages with very narrow roads, hence the small, boneshaker bus.  More news and photos of the concert will follow when I return home on Sunday.

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