Monday, 19 November 2012

A Quaker's Walk Circular Stroll

Cemetery Road Bridge near Devizes Wharf.
I left Chantry on a bright, sparkly Sunday morning, and walked past St Mary's Church, and then over the canal at Quaker's Walk Bridge.  The above photo shows the lovely reflections of the autumn colours under the arch of the bridge.   This year's autumnal tints (or autimnal tunts, as a friend used to say,)  seem particulary beautiful. 
  Quaker's Walk
This walkway leads eventually up to the "Ridgeway" an ancient path,  used by our ancestors to walk from town to town along the natural ridge of the hills, and quite the safest place to walk to avoid robbers!  Not that I climbed up the steep hill, my ankles now prefer flatter walks where the going is easier.  The world and his dog were out walking that morning, although I met no one I knew.   At the end of the track,  I looked up to the "Millenium White Horse" etched into the chalk downland and galloping to the right to meet his friend the "Alton Barns White Horse" who gallops to the left!   Ahhh sweet, will they ever meet and nudge noses?
The "Millenium White Horse" gallops to the right up on Roundway Down.
I turned right here, and walked along Roundway Park with its neat bungalows and well manicured gardens. I did see two friends in the distance, and waved a fond hello to them as they disappeared into the London Road.  Then it was over the canal again at "Brickham Bridge" past the old tank stoppers, a left over from the last war, and then  I turned right onto the towpath, to walk back to my starting point. 
The Kennet & Avon Canal at Brickham Bridge.
There was no wind, and the scene of boats moored at the bottom of gardens in complete tranquity,  was so peaceful and very good for my soul, (whatever that is.)    Ever onwards, I finally arrived at the Quaker's Walk Bridge again, having walked 2.5 miles in a complete, not too muddy, but with some puddles, plenty of dogs and lots walkers circle.
             The George Vl  postbox set into the wall of the old Devizes Hospital.


  1. Thats my new favourite route to run! If you ever see a red haired lady trying to run with out slipping over its me!

    Sam :0)

    PS actually I did that run Sunday morning I might have passed u!

    1. Hi Sam, I will look out for you, I'm always out and about. In fact I think I have seen you about, you have very brightly coloured hair. I will surprise you one of these days and shout, "Hello Sam" and I hope you don't slip over in the mud! Cheers, Vix