Friday, 16 November 2012

Out Walking Across the Fields to Coate and Back.

The thick fog and drizzle did not deter us today, as we set out for our 5 mile walk along the Kennet & Avon Canal, and then out across the fields to "The New Inn" at Coate.   Nine of us braved the climate, and although muddy under foot, we had an enjoyable walk.  Unfortunately, at some point we took a wrong turn, and instead of walking 5 miles, we ended up doing 6.5.  Up on the hills above Coate is a landing strip, with a bright orange windsock to aid light aircraft taking off and landing.  Nothing was flying today in the thick fog, apart from a few flocks of birds, who were having no problems navigating in the foggy conditions, and who squawked a welcome as they flew overhead.   It was a shame that the sun was not shining, as the colours this autumn are beautiful, and appear even more spendid in bright sunshine.

The orange windsock, not needed in the foggy weather.

This tree lined track runs from the landing strip down to the "New Inn" pub at Coate in the far distance.

In the fog underneath the mobile phone masts, Joyce gives us a history of Coate Field and the Jump, two places mentioned in the history of the "Battle of Roundway Down" of July 1643, which took place not far from this spot.   From this position the Parliamentarians bombarded the Royalists with cannon fire and gunshots.  The Royalists had become trapped in Devizes and took refuge  in  St James's Church, where to this  day, cannonball holes can be seen in the brickwork of its tower. 
After our walk we retired to "The Silk Mercer" in Devizes for lunch and a drink,  well deserved after our long foggy walk.

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