Wednesday, 7 November 2012

In Calne with "Tugger" the Cat

A bone idle "Tugger" sits in his chair waiting for his next meal!
I do like cats!  It is impossible to really know a cat, as they never seem to look directly at you through their slit eyes. My friends have gone to India for twelve days, so I'm cat sitting again in their comfortable bungalow in Calne, a little town about six miles from Devizes.   
"Tugger" is now alone, as his brother "Tiger" passed away to kitty heaven in the summer.  Both are rescue cats, and after having a difficult start of their lives as kittens,  they have lived here in comfort, with more food, thought and consideration than many children throughout the world enjoy.  The cats were rescued from a local farm, where the owner kept more than thirty other cats in appalling conditions.  Thankfully these two survived to lead a good life.

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