Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Me and My Kindle Fire HD.

Well I took the plunge last week, all £159's worth of plunge, and bought myself a Kindle Fire HD eReader.  I took some time to decide what to buy, and as I already have two PC's,  I needed a gadget for reading books, newspapers and listening to music.  I prefer surfing on my 21in monitor and with a physical keyboard.   I'm very pleased with  the gadget so far, and have downloaded several free German reading books, some music and apps for reading the newpapers and magazines.  To the left is a free seven day Devizes weather forecast app, where today I was able to read about our dreadful weather, even though I had a good view of it three floors up from the window of my flat.  I get a lot of weather up here, especially in a high wind, when I use the top of a swaying lamp post as an anemometer,  scruffy passing pigeons for wind  direction,  and car windscreen wipers as a guide to the degree of drenching rain.  A slow flip flop will  indicate drizzle,  and a wild "nineteen to the dozen" swishing of blades means a lashing rain storm.  
I have weather detection three floors up, down to a fine art,  and since the loft space was so well insulated in the summer, I can no longer hear the rain on the roof.
This is the BBC news app, where I can read the news and simultaneously watch it on the television!  Yes silly, but I do like my gadgets.  Mrs Brooks seems to be in trouble,  as is the trader who lost his Swiss bank over a £billion.  He's gone to jail now!


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  1. I'm everso tempted with one too...I have a Ibook..so I was going to resist!

    Sam :0)