Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Foggy Afternoon on Caen Hill

Fog, fog and a little more fog!

Devizes stands on top of a hill, and when the sun shines,  it is easy to forget that it can still be foggy on in the villages at the bottom of the hill.  I set out for a long walk around the "Caen Hill" fight of locks, only to find that the bottom half of the consecutive 16 locks were enveloped in fog! I did the short walk instead, which ended in the cafe with me eating a "rum and raisin" ice cream, with a big stick of chocolate sticking out of the top!

Foggy teasels growing at Caen Hill.

Tranquil fogginess.


  1. Nice Photos Vicki!! :) And am sure you must've enjoyed the ice cream!! :)

  2. Thank you Sai, and yes I did enjoy the ice cream. The fog kept the sunshine away, but I had a short walk around the locks. Best wishes, Vicki