Thursday, 13 March 2014

A House for a Mouse in Hillworth Park.

The entrance to the new "Wild Life Area" in Hillworth Park.

In a quiet corner of the park, a small nature area has been built for children.   Here they can visit the bugs who will be staying  in the hotel and  Mr & Mrs Mouse, who have a nice new house in which to reside.  A hedgehog residence has been built, and stands beside a nice new feeding table for the dicky birds!  What a lovely idea to encourage children to take an interest in life around them.

The bug hotel to the left, the mouse house in the tree stump, a bird table and hedgehog corner.

In the foreground to the right, is a pond, a future home for all sorts of creepy crawlies.  Shrubs have been planted around the site, and they grow up to form a hedge, it will make this a nice little "hidy hole" for all the animals and insects.

The multi storey Bug Hotel and Mouse House, complete with a ladder for short legged mice. 

The Hedgehog House,


  1. Hi Vicki,

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, nice description and wonderful photos! :) Really cute park, children would definitely love it!! :)

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  2. Many thanks Charan. I have been writing the blog for several years, as a good excuse to publish my photographs. I enjoy photography as a hobby.
    Best wishes, Vicki