Saturday, 22 March 2014

Friday Evening´s Rehearsal in Marlborough College Chapel.

Marlborough College Chapel

We are well into our rehearsals for our annual concert this Sunday, March 23rd.   I love singing, but the preparations for the concert can be somewhat tiring, and we do have to stand up much of the time.   Last night we were given a list of the "Sits and Stands," the places in both the Requiem and the Coronation Mass, were we can rest our legs for a few moments.

The two Mozart scores.

I have sung the Requiem many times before, and know it almost off by heart.  I last sang the Coronation Mass at Easter in 2000. 

The college chapel is decorated with many murals.

More news of the concert follows, probably on next Monday 24th.  I´m sure it will be a great success, as we have sung well in all the rehearsals.

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