Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Singing Mozart with Marlborough College Choral Society.

I´m sitting in the back row and looking a little pensive.

Even though the choir consists of maybe 200 singers, I always become nervous before a performance.  If I sing badly, it would not be noticed, although it is not a good idea to come in before everyone else starts singing!   The concert was lovely, and we all sang really well with the four professional soloists,  and Alex our wonderful new conductor.

The altos sit left, the basses in front of the altar, with the tenors and sopranos to the right.

The orchestra is sitting in the aisle, and wearing their black suits.  We sang Mozart´s requiem and Coronation Mass, both popular pieces which the audience enjoyed.

The audience wait expectantly for the concert to begin.  

We had a three hour rehearsal before the concert on Sunday afternoon, so by the time the concert had finished, we had spent approx 4.5 hours singing.   It was good to stop and go home for a nice cup of tea.

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