Monday, 17 December 2012

"Blue Frog Flicking" in "The Silk Mercer."

"Kenavon Venture" left the Wharf again at 11am on Sunday morning on its 2nd Santa Cruise of the season  with 34 passengers on board.  The boat was off to collect Santa Claus from the London Road Bridge,  and bring him back to the wharf with his sack full of goodies for the children.   The  adults on board enjoyed mulled wine with a couple of mince pies each, and the children drank squash and nibbled biscuits.   A good time was had by all, so I'm told!   Today I ticked off committment no.10 from my list of "Christmas Things I have to Perform."   I belong to two handbell groups and sing in a choir, so come, Christmas the going gets a bit on the busy side.  We rang the bells at the U3A Art Appreciation's Christmas bash this morning, but I left early in order to get to "The Silk Mercer" for Christmas lunch no. 2.   Lunch no. 1 was last week at "The Castle" with the residents of Chantry Court.

This Wednesday evening Christmas dinner no. 3 will be consumed in "The Well" in Bulkington by the Potterne Handbell ringers, and with a bit of luck, this will be my last celebration of the year!   This Tuesday afternoon I ring the bells at Chantry Court, and then again for the last time in 2012, at a Christmas carol service in Potterne Church on Sunday 23rd December.     I shall be glad when it is all over for another year!

This little blue frog fell out of a cracker as we pulled them over our Christmas lunch at  "The Silk Mercer."   If you press the tab on his back,  you can make him jump into the air, and much fun was had by the adults at the table, as we tried to get him to jump into a beer glass.   We all had a go, and only Celia seemed to master the art of, "Blue Frog Flicking."  We had all been drinking, so our hand/eye coordination left much to be desired.  I for one, after  a pint of Thatcher's  "Autumn Gold" cider could not get the frog to leap into the glass!   Little things please little minds at Christmas over a pint!

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