Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Advent of the Advent Calendar

My cheery Christmas candles are back in the window, shining out, so that friends passing by below in their cars can wave and feel cheery too!   Busy days are here again, (just for a change) and yesterday was no exception with my Geology group in the morning, where we talked about earthquakes in Italy, and the imprisoning of six scientists who failed to predict the lastest major earthquake in L'Aquila.  Their imprisonment has sent shock waves around the world of scientific earthquake prediction, which is not an exact science.   More news about the case can be read on the following site:

BBC News - L'Aquila quake: Italy scientists guilty of manslaughter


Our usual group leader was away on grandchild care duties, so most of the morning was spent in a general discussion about tectonics plates, and their creation of the world's landscape.   Some members brought in fossils for handling and discussion, and we summised about how these fossils came to be created.    G had brought in a thin piece of sandstone with the impressions of ancient raindrops imprinted on its suface.   The eons of time that it takes to create these objects, is so difficult to comprehend.
In the afternoon our writing group celebrated Christmas, during which we ate mince pies topped with cream, drank tea and read our stories entitled "A Christmas Card."  I was not happy with my effort, which I had dashed up early that morning, because I'd left it to the last moment.  It is not easy to write a well rounded story in under 1000 words and in only half an hour!

The Advent Christmas tree is hanging on the wall again, a handsewn woolly tree, with 24 individually embroidered fir cones, each with a different Christmas cross stitched scene.   One cone is turned over each day until Christmas Day, and the little angel, who used to sit atop the tree, seems to be lost at the moment.  A gold star now tops the tree, to shine out on Christmas Day!

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