Friday, 21 December 2012

Puddle-Jumping on Salisbury Plain.

I´m back blog writing after a few days of feeling a little under par,  with the tummy bug that is doing the rounds.  The weather has been dreadful, with so much rain, that it has been difficult to get out and about to take photos and tell you tales about my life in the backwoods of Wiltshire!   I rang the bellplates on Tuesday afternoon for the ladies here in Chantry Court.  We rang quite well, and all were able to recognise the carols in spite of us making a few mistakes!  I started to feel unwell on Tuesday late afternoon, which lasted until Wednesday evening, but on Thursday morning I was up with the lark, and feeling fairly bonny again.   I met the "Coffee Girls" in the "Black Swan" where we drank coffee and chatted.  Afterwards they went off to a Christmas meal in "The Elm Tree," and I came home to my German group's Christmas party with Glühwein,  mince pies with cream and some tasty, nutty German biscuits.   A glowing time was had by all.  

Now for this morning's puddle jumping over Salisbury Plain,  with a threatening sky overhead.   We took the bus to Foxley Corner, and  walked up to Redhorn Hill, and were glad to see that the red flags on the army firing range were not flying!    We prefer to walk without the sound of guns firing and with helicopters overhead!     We walked along the hill top towards a path that led down into Easterton, where we waited for a bus to take us back to Devizes.   The bus was very late, as it had come from Bath, and at Christmas time,  Bath is so congested with traffic that it is a complete  "No Go Area."   The driver was not a happy man, being stuck in a traffic jam for hours is nobodys´  idea of fun!    We arrived back to Devizes at 1pm,  where J and B had lunch in "Wetherspoons" and S and I went our separate ways home for lunch  and an afternoon snooze.

Yet more puddles.  The weather here in the west country is atrocious, with constant rain falling on flooded fields and swollen rivers.   More heavy rain is forecast for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and I feel so sorry the those households, that are being flooded for the third or fourth time this year.    Thank goodness I live three floors up in a block of flats.

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