Monday, 24 December 2012

"Happy Christmas" from Vicki in Devizes where, just for a change, it is raining!

I wish you all, wherever you may be, a very Happy Christmas Day.   
                       This is posted on Christmas Day, the blog has got the date wrong!

Please don't eat too many sprouts, as they can be bad for you!    This morning at 11am I shall be at the "Nursteed Centre" in Devizes, where I'm helping at a Christmas lunch for those elderly people who would ohterwise have spent Christmas Day alone in their homes.  I'm a "table mate" meaning I will sit at table with five ladies and gentlemen, help serve their meals, and generally make the day happy for them.   After lunch there will be music, and later a Bingo session.  The occasion finishes at 4pm, when everyone will be taken home on the local mini bus,  which is specially fitted out for carrying the elderly and disabled,  and loaned by "PHAB."

We have all been very impressed by the generosity of local businesses, who have donated all the food and drink, for the two chefs and to the many local people who will give their services to make the day a happy one.  Thank you everyone.

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