Monday, 3 December 2012

Tree Planting near Rowde.


I did my bit for the English countryside on Sunday morning, and planted at least six little trees, mostly  sweet chestnut and larch.  I had a quick lesson in tree planting from one of the helpers, who showed me how to cut a T shape in the ground, ease up the soil and then push the roots into the earth and bed down the tree.  The sapling was then covered in a green sheaf to protect it from nibbling rabbits, deer and inclement weather, which in turn was supported by a wooden stake.   Two of my trees can be seen above left in the photo.  I shall keep in touch with my saplings, and hopefully visit them in the years to come and say, "ahh I planted those trees" possibly from the comfort of my wheelchair!

Here a stack of green plastic tubes await their trees, and a couple of planters can be seen between the pliles to the right.  The morning tree planting was organised by the "Canal & River Trust," the newly formed charity that has taken over the care of English rivers and canals from British Waterways.   Much of the work is done by volunteers, and this morning's planting encouraged a few families to come out with their children and plant for England.  I enjoyed the little contribultion I made.

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