Saturday, 8 December 2012

In a Country Churchyard cooking Hot dogs and Burgers

Jackie and Linda were busy last night cooking the hot dogs and burgers at the Christmas fair at Potterne Church.  Every year the Potterne Handbellringers, which includes me,  man the stall to raise money for our activities throughout the year, and we did a roaring trade last night in the cold weather.    There was a very strong wind blowing, and at times we thought our little marquee would lift off into the air!   

The churchyard trees are decorated with festive lights every year, which gives the area a magical atmosphere.   These photos were taken on my mobile phone, and are a little fuzzy, but are clear enough to give you an impression of the occasion.   It is a good place in which to buy little Christmas gifts, wine and other delicacies.

There were many small charity and raffle stalls inside the 13th century church, and above the medieval font can be seen to the middle left.  Local school children sang Christmas carols during the evening, and a happy time was had by all.  I arrived home late smelling strongly of grilled hotdogs and burgers, so this morning the washing machine will be working overtime!

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