Sunday, 30 December 2012

Rotten Weather for Dogs and Fishermen.

The photo shows little Maxi the dachshund, wading through a big puddles!  This scene just about sums up the weather in the Devizes area.  The town itself stands on top of a hill, and does not flood, but at the bottom of the hill it is another story.  I took a 3.5 mile walk on Sunday morning with S and Maxi, going down the road side of Caen Hill, and then walking back up on the towpath beside the flight of locks.  At the bottom the path was flooded, and whilst we were able to wade through, Maxi was soon under water to tummy level, as her legs are only 4 inches long.  (10.16 cm)

We walked past the trees we planted a few weeks ago, but had to guess at which ones were ours.    I think mine are the first four, from the left in the front row.  Since our planting session, the whole field has been filled with saplings, although the ones at the very bottom of the field are now under water.

It's nice weather for fish too.  The canal is kept at a constant level with the use of overspill weirs,  although these have water flooding over the top to fill the pounds below.   These brave fishermen at the bottom of the flight,  have given up the television and the warmth of their homes,  to stand for hours in the rain on a Sunday morning,  trying to catch fish they will immediately throw back into the canal! 

Brave souls man a narrowboat in the top of the lock, on their way down to the bottom of the 16 locks.  The towpath was very muddy and slippery, which makes this activity somewhat dangerous.  The flight closes on January 2nd for essential maintenance,  so many narrowboats will be making the descent today and on New Year's Day to avoid being moored in Devizes for a few weeks.

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