Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Trip to Bath with my Free Bus Pass.

Pulteney Bridge in Bath.
The weather cheered up yesterday for my visit to the "Royal United Hospital" in Bath, where a friend has been a patient since August, after routine keyhole surgery went wrong, and she developed life threatening symtoms. She spent some days in intensive care on a life support machine, but now, I'm pleased to say, she is slowly getting better, and hopes to out of hospital in three weeks time.  Fingers crossed!

I went to Bath on Monday afternoon the "bone shaker bus."   Until 2010 modern buses did the journey, but that company decided they couldn't make enough profit, so withdrew the service, and fortunately another company took on the route.  The journey is interesting, as the bus travels through several small Wiltshire towns, and reaches Bath by way of Bathford and Bathhampton.  We changed buses at Bath bus station, and took the No 14 to the hospital, so the journey was door to door, and free with our bus passes.  Thank you whatever Government it was who introduced the free bus pass scheme for maturer English ladies and gentlemen. 
A free pass bus is one of the best things any government has done for me, and long may it continue.  Mind you, the present government is looking to make cuts, but have so far not dared to withdraw the passes.  The coalition fears upsetting the electorate and those who vote for both parties.  Let's hope enlightened views win the day.

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