Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Wrapping Shiny Ladybirds.

The above are just a few of the small things I bought back from BS for my friends.  This afternoon I shall meet my writing group for the first time since I've returned home, and I have a little ladybird fridge magnet for them.  In Germany the ladybird is a bringer of good luck.   These are small and very shiny, and I have wrapped each one in colourful tissue paper, and it was a fiddly job!  This afternoon we will eat the chocolates, drink tea, eat cake and biscuits, and read our individual stories, although I have been really idle of late, and have not written a good tale.
I'm having problems uploading pictures to my blog, and need to delete some photos in order to make space for more.   Bear with me, as I have not worked out yet how to delete photos from my Google Web Album.  I don't really want a pictureless blog.  Watch this space.

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