Friday, 21 September 2012

Another Long Walk, Another Pub!

We caught  the 9,38am Bath bus, and arrived at the start of our 5 mile walk just after 10.15am.  We walked from the "West Wilts Golf Club" to Bathford,  a small  village that lies four  miles  east of Bath. We set out in fine  drizzle, but it had stopped by noon, and then the sun came out and everything in the garden was rosy again!  The photo right shows us walking along the edge of a field marked by a dry stone wall.   It was in need of repair, but I'm always surprised that such walls last for centuries if well maintained. We enjoyed wonderful views of the Wiltshire countryside as we walked towards  Monkton Farleigh Manor House and onwards back to Bathford.
"Left or right Joy?" After a short discussion we turned left. 
We returned to Bathford, via some old Bath Stone quarries with many rocky, fossil infested outcrops to investigate.  Unfortunately access to the rock faces was difficult, as the undergrowth had not been cut back, so we have decided to return again next month for a closer look with a pair of shears.   We wanted to visit Bathford Church to see the tomb of one of Lord Nelson´s relatives, but time ran out, so we climbed aboard the bus and travelled to Atworth for lunch in "The White Hart."

This is "The White Hart" in Atworth, the pub where we enjoyed a two course lunch for £7.50, with tea or coffee to finish. (I had half a pint, it is good for my health.)  We had a lovely day together, with drizzle at the start of the walk, but sunshine to finish.

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