Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tuesday to Thursday Market Day Catch Up.

The photo right shows the entrance to my favourite Devizes pub, "The Black Swan," the scene of supposed coffee mornings, although I always have a small glass of beer, as it is good for my health.  I have been busy every evening this week, hence my failure to write up the blog since Tuesday, and I must admit that I completely forgot about it on Wednesday.   On Monday I sang with Dauntsey's Choir, on Tuesday with the Devizes Chamber Choir, and on Wednesday evening I went handbell ringing in Potterne.  It was a short bell practise, as we stopped after an hour to celebrate a ringer's birthday with wine and snacks.  A really good time was had by all, particular after we heard the story of a poor sheep, that J found stuck in a hedge.  It was in a bad way, so she freed it, wrapped it in her red jacket to keep it warm, left it in a safe place, and went for help.  When she came back the sheep, wearing a red jacket, had disappeared.   
Many local people later reported seeing a sheep dressed in a red jacket in the area!  J never found the sheep or her jacket, that contained her door keys.  She had to change all the locks in her house, so being a good samaritan and saving a sheep, cost her £90.   We rolled around laughing at the story, drank more wine and wondered what happened to the sheep.
The entrance of the "Black Swan" this morning, market day in Devizes. 

The pub was full with coffee drinkers, all enjoying a break from fruit and vegetable shopping.  The photo below shows a market stall in the "Brittox."   The word derives from the French "Bretasche," which means a raised stockaded walkway, which led from Devizes Castle to a prison.  This shopping area  is pedestrianised, and one of the busiest places in Devizes.   The town is always a hive of acitivity on a Thursday morning when the market comes to town. 

Jimmy Dean's fruit and vegetable market stall in the "Brittox."

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