Friday, 7 September 2012

Getting Lost Near Steeple Ashton.


We encounted a small problem at the beginning of today's 7km walk, when we lost the path, and the leaders, J and B, had to set off in their hats searching for the lost track through the undergrowth.  We did this walk at the beginning of the year before the thicket had got too high, and coming back in late summer proved a little difficult now that the path was well overgrown with brambles and stinging nettles.  However the track and stile were rediscovered, and we continued our walk in warm sunshine to Trowbridge via Steeple Ashton and Stourton Water.

Above, the group is walking in "Mudmead Lane" one of the many ancient trackways that has linked small communities throughout the centuries.  We walked through long wet  grass and freshly ploughed fields, over several stiles and across two main roads, arriving eventually at "The King's Head" in the centre of Trowbridge for a welcome half pint of beer and a good lunch in the beer garden.  Cheers!

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