Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wet and Windy in Devizes

Not a  lot to report really, as because the weather is so bad, it is not possible to venture out for a walk, and also I have decided to hibernate until the rain stops. The weather is diabolical, with constant showers, heavy grey skies and too much gloom. I am lucky to live in the south of England at the moment, as the situation in the north of the country is really bad, with severe flooding, causing traffic disruption. 
 I have vistors  arriving from Germany in two weeks time, and I hope it stops raining in time for their stay at the beginning of October. This roof garden is used by the residents of C Court, with the plants tended by various interested lady gardeners. It is a pleasant place to sit in the sunshine on a warm summer or autumn day, although this year that sort of day has been few and far between.

The wet flag stones and a few bedragled plants look a sorry sight on this dismal day. This garden is three floors up, and the photo below shows the view when looking over the roof garden parapet.  The white 15th century building to the left, is the "White Bear" public house, a nice cosy little pub, particularly on a cold winter's evening, when the landlord has the fire well stoked.   Looking straight ahead, you can see the entrance to the "Brittox" the main pedestrianised shopping centre.  On a nice day, the whole area is a hive of activity, but not today of course!

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