Sunday, 30 September 2012

The "Regency Belles" Play Dance Music in Hillworth Park.

This group of ladies played their delightful Regency dance music  in Hillworth Park pavilion on Sunday afternoon.   They played  a selection of dance music, popular in the Regency years from 1780 until 1830,  and also music that was played for some of the recent Jane Austen films seen in the cinema and on television. The group was formed in order to play period music for the various dance groups in the Bath area, and you can read more about them and their activities on their website:
The Regency Belles 
Above can be seen the park pavilion, with a "Reflective" pond in the forground. This area is meant to offer peace and quiet, and a place to sit and reflect, but the designer seemed to miss one important point!   Wherever you have water in a shallow pond, children will use it as a paddling pool and the local dogs with drink the water!   It was not built as a paddling pool, and soon after its opening, it had to close on health and safety grounds.   Large posters around the pond now ask the locals, their children and dogs not to paddle in the water on a hot sunny day! 

The Garden Pavilion, often refered to as the Queen Anne Pavilion is a Grade ll listed building and was built during the reign of George lll, between the years of 1740 and 1759. The building was possibly used as a 'banqueting house' where drinks and sweetmeats would be taken after a main meal,  and enabling the owners to enjoy views of their estate.   Built of brick with an ogee shaped hipped tiled roof the Pavilion was, until recently, on the English Heritage Buildings at Risk Register due to concern over its poor condition.   The Pavilion was restored in 2011 using traditional crafts and materials,  ensuring that this small, beautiful, and historic building has a secure future.

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