Friday, 28 September 2012

Attempting to Nordic Walk Outside the "Royal Oak" at Easterton.

I borrowed some walking poles today, and had my first attempt at Nordic walking!  The correct technique takes some practise, and I'm not sure I'm ready for poles just yet, although by the time we arrived at the "Royal Oak,"  I was beginning to "cotton on."

We walked up to the Plain from Foxley Corner near Urchfont, and then across the top of the downs.  Salisbury Plain is used for army exercises, and today the red flags were flying, so we took notice of the "Danger, do not enter" signs, and avoided becoming objects for target practise.   We could see distant tracers in the sky, although at first sight, we thought these might be twisters, as it was "blowing a gale of wind."  The photo above shows the "Byway" and "Keep out" signs, and a notice board warning of the dangers of walking into areas where the tanks are on maneuvers, and firing shells at one another!   Not to be recommended.

We walked down into Easterton, hoping to have lunch in the pub. but......the pub did not do meals at lunchtime!    What!!! a pub not doing lunches, how odd we all thought!  Fortunately a bus back to Devizes was due, so we jumped aboard, came back into town and had lunch in "The Silk Mercer."   (I drank a pint of Fosters, I'm afraid.)

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