Monday, 17 September 2012

New Beginnings

To the left the lady piper, pipes a tune outside the Music Department at Dauntsey's School in Market Lavington, where we started rehearsals of Faure's "Requiem" on Monday evening.  I thought I'd never sung this piece before, but I last did so in 2007, but I've no recollection of the music or the occasion!  Mr Faure obviously didn't leave much of an impression on me!    I bought a CD of the work whilst in Braunschweig this summer, and repeatedly played it, and even then I did not remember ever singing the work.  Is this an age related loss of memory age?  If so, oh dear!   It is sad, gentle, very French music, although not really one of my favourites, but I will sing in the concert in November.  I have never sung with "Dauntsey's Choir" before, although last night recognised many of the singers.
Earlier yesterday afternoon, we had the first meeting of our "Intermediate German" group, (only three of us) here in my flat.  We are working from the Berlitz book and CD "German in 30 Days."   I always add "Hahahaha" after the title, as it is not possible to learn German in 30 days, and I had contemplated reporting the title to the "Trades Description Act" people up in London.   That would take up too much of my precious time, so "Hahahaha" added at the end settles the matter! 
Listening to the CD gives us  the chance to hear the correct pronunciation of the words, and we follow the dialogue in the book. We have arrived at Lesson 7, and yesterday talked about separable and modal auxilary verbs, all very serious stuff if you are interested in learning German. We ended with tea drinking, and I ate two very tasty Oat Crunchy biscuits.   We SHALL master this language one day.

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