Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Semi Bone-Idle Sunday.

I was bone idle for most of Sunday, apart from a lunch time walk to the Wharf shop, and a quick bit of late afternoon food shopping, when bargains can be had in Sainsburys.  I bought a bargain nutty wholemeal loaf reduced to 75p, and some salad stuff for my healthy tea of cheesy jacket potato, with plenteous green salad, coleslaw, chopped onion and tomatoes, followed by fresh fruit and a strong cuppa!

The photo shows silly boater's badges which are on sale in the Kennet & Avon Canal shop at Devizes Wharf.  There have been big changes at the shop, which is now upstairs in the cafe, and the former shop downstairs is now displaying information about the Canal Museum, and selling a small amount of chandlery.   The established shop of many years is much missed, and time will tell if all these changes are for the best.  Not too sure!
When I had my boat I refused to wear the "Galley Slave or the Deck Scrubber" badges, much prefering the "Chief Engineer" or in particular the "Miss-Chief" badge!
J & G  are arriving here from Querum this week, and will stay for twelve days.   I have been much involved in housework over the last fornight, which is not really my "cup of tea" but necessary when visitors are about to arrive.   It is really nice to look out on the world again through sparkly clean windows and my polished surfaces are so clean, that I could eat off them!   It won't last!

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