Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Meeting Friends at Southampton Airport.

On the left is the dinkiest little cafe I have ever seen on a railway station.  This one I photographed in the rain at Westbury station.   I was on my way to Southampton Airport to meet friends from Braunschweig, who are staying with me for twelve days.   The weather was ghastly, cold, wet and windy.  To make matters worse the airport was busy, because flights to the Channel Islands were suspended  due  to  the  bad weather.  Initially it was difficult to find somewhere to sit, and then more bad news, J's plane from Hannover was delayed for 50 minutes while a man and his screwdriver tinkered with the engine.  That's not a happy sight to see before boarding an aircraft.   The plane eventually arrived 49 minutes late and of course, this meant that we missed our train with the reserved seats in Southampton.   

It was not an easy day, although J's homemake cake, eaten in the waiting room of Southampton Central station, helped improve our spirits.  It was an English day at its worst, Novemberish, with everything  going  slightly wrong in unpleasant weather.   We took a taxi for the final leg of our journey, and arrived in Devizes at 18.30 after what seemed an endless day!
J's homemade fruit cake, lovingly made in Germany, and eaten on a wet day in England, went down a treat with a cup of English tea.

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