Friday, 19 October 2012

A Town Walk in Frome.

We ventured out on two buses today, firstly on a doubledecker, the No. 49 from Devizes to Trowbridge, where we changed to the No. 234 for the 20 minute journey  to Frome in the county of Somerset.   On arrival, our first visit was to the information centre situated in the museum, where we purchased for £3 a "Town Trail Guide" complete with a map of the town.    Easy we thought, so we started the walk at plaque No 1, which gave us some information about a building we could not see!   We soon discovered that the plaque numbers on the map  did not   correspond with  their positions in the actual streets!   The map was not much help, although Joyce our valiant leader,  persisted for two hours in her attempt to make some sense of it.  At the end of the walk we visited the library,  where we complained about the illogical map.    "Yes we know," they said, "the guide has just been reprinted and many visitors complain about the unhelpful map."   Apparently a new map will soon be printed, and placed as an insert into the "Town Trail Guide." 

 Frome Church.
Our visit today was a recce, a chance to plan a "Town Trail" for a later visit, and to find a nice pub for lunch.   Frome contains a large number of listed buildings, and much of the town centre is a conservation area, and was well worth the visit, even with a dodgy map!   Maybe we will come again in December, and do some Christmas shopping in the many interesting little shops in this lovely town.
The cosy bar of "The Old Bath Arms."
After wandering about the town looking somewhat lost, we popped into the first  pub we could find and asked about lunch.  They only did bacon butties and cheese rolls, but one very helpful drinker sitting at the bar, recommended the pub above, which we eventually found without the help of the useless map.   We five drank beer, two glasses of cider, wine and apple juice, together with a tasty baguette, two burgers and two homemade meat pies.  We all enjoyed a  lovely day in a town much in need of a well designed town map! 

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