Thursday, 18 October 2012

A Very Tasty Fruitcake.

The finished cake!  J holds a plate of four slices of the tasty fruitcake she made for M's birthday last Tuesday.  She made two cakes, and we have nearly eaten one of them already, as the cake is very fruity and  "moreish."  I'm no cook, so it was nice to have someone make a cake for us all, many thanks J.  Friday October 31st is "Halloween" and once again the front of the  "Black Swan" (my favourite Devizes  pub) is dressed in its creepy garb of two enormous spiders, one climbing up towards the roof, and the other sitting in its web.  The landlord and staff decorate the building every year,  although I'm not too sure that it encourages arachnophobics like me,  to pass through the pub's front portal.

The spiders are made of a furry fabric, which adds to their creepyness!  I'm no lover of spiders, but will force myself to use the side, courtyard door, so as not to have to walk under the "Tarantula" over the main entrance.

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