Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Baking of Cakes.


Today is M's birthday, and J has made two nice cakes to celebrate the day. On the left you can see the ingredients  for making a family fruitcake, made from a recipe J has bought with her from Braunschweig.   I have a very small kitchen, so J had to juggle things about, trying to find space on which to put everything. I'm no cook, so we borrowed the scales and some equipment from a neighbour, and J managed to get the mixture just about right to go into the two cake tins seen below. The cakes were successfully baked, and the two are now on a cake stand in the kitchen waiting for us to tuck into some pieces later this evening.    I like fruitcake, although I'm no good at baking it!    More news to follow tomorrow!

The two fruit cakes waiting to be cooked.

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