Monday, 29 October 2012

Warding off SAD and The Concrete Block.

Many think it a bit early to put  the Christmas candlelights on, but as soon as the clocks go back, and the long dark evenings arrive, I take the lights out of their box, and  put them on the window cill to brighten up the evenings.   It is possible to buy a "lightbox" in order to mimic sunlight in the winter months, which helps people who suffer from "Seasonal Effective Disorder,"  SAD, a form of winter depression.   The bright light certainly works for me, and is cheaper than buying a proper lightbox. At the moment the  candlelights stand  on the back of my chair, but on Thursday November 1st they will take their rightful place on the window cill until next year. 
The answer to yesterday's question about the concrete block is as following:   Many years ago, in the 1980's I believe, the BBC showed a programme, where archeologists recreated the possible methods used to transport the massive stones used at Stonehenge,  from Wales to Wiltshire.   It is thought that stoneage man used the rivers to carry the stones on rafts.  An experiment was held on the Kennet & Avon Canal to see if this was possible.   A large concrete block was cast to represent a stone, and then floated on a large raft.  When the experiment was finished, the block was left at the wharf, to lie there in perpetuity!  (Well that is how the story goes!)

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