Thursday, 4 October 2012

Market Day Again.

It usually pours with rain on Thursday´s market day in Devizes, but today it was bright and cheerful, although a bit chilly in the blowing wind.   I walked past this lovely flower stall on my way to the "Black Swan," where the "Thursday Coffee Girls"  (we are all over 60, so hardly girls!) meet in the back bar at 11am for drinks and a good chinwag.   It was so busy today, that we had trouble finding a table for the four of us.   The pub does a roaring trade on a Thursday morning selling coffee at a £1 a cup, far cheaper than anywhere else in Devizes,  and good beer of course, (although not so cheap.)    After a good chat,  I wandered back home via the free range egg stall, and bought six large eggs, and then wandered to a fruit stall and bought six large nectarines.   I walked home for lunch at 12.45pm, drank a cup of tea, and at 2.30pm the  members of my "Beginners German Group" arrived.   We are working on numbers, telling the time and generally struggling with the complexities of German grammar.  All interesting stuff.

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