Sunday, 14 October 2012

"The Red Lion" was SHUT!

The sun showed its face for few moments in Avebury, and it rained,  and to top the lot, our prefered place for lunch "The Red Lion" was shut!   The landlord had the audacity to close my favourite drinking hole because he was  getting married!   We were not the only ones to be disappointed, walkers arrived, visitors came in cars and families with small children  were all turned away by two security personnel, who stood guard at the entrance.  We had to eat, with every other disappointed visitor, in the overcrowded, noisy "National Trust" cafe,  a place much too small for the purpose. 
"Avebury Stone Circle" is a World Heritage site, with marginally better facilities than at "Stonehenge," which is a national disgrace!   Millions visit these places from all corners of the world every year,  and we cannot provide adequate facilities for them to enjoy a trouble free visit.  After a noisy lunch in a small cafe with too many wet people and crying babies, we eventually walked the circle, pondered its meaning, and attempted to talk to the lazy sheep, who seemed unfazed by the hoards of visitors.
"Avebury" is a much visited site, and the above gate and fence have been erected to close a footpath, that was becoming too worn by the millions of feet that trample the site every year.  Part of the surrounding ditch and sheep, can be seen grazing in the background of the photo. The sheep cut the grass,  but that means you must check your every step, otherwise you get "you know what" on your shoes!

Janet walks back for tea and cake at the cafe, with part of the stone circle and ditch in the background.   It was a cold, damp day,  with a chilly wind blowing,

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