Friday, 12 October 2012

Devizes to Bromham Through Mud, Glorious Mud!

We set off on our five mile walk from the "Black Swan" in Devizes Market Place in bright sunshine and on pavement, but further down Conscience Lane we ran out of good track and encountered mud.  Not just ordinary mud, but the deep, slimy version that collects around gateways and  makes climbing over  stiles a life threatening experience.  Two sensible ladies wore Wellington boots, the rest of us struggled on in walking boots, with mud and water up to our ankles.  We crossed wet fields and eventually reached the rich farmland owned by "Bromham Growers" where cabbages, sprouts, turnips and other assorted vegetables grow vigorously in the rich soil.  

Our aim was "The Greyhound" a very nice hostelry next to the village church in the village of Bromham, the pointed spire of which, can be seen above the pink anorak in the above photo.   In front of a welcoming fire, we enjoyed lunch, drank beer and coffee, and chatted the while.
What on earth is that?   I'm not sure what these walkers have discovered but maybe  it's a rare flower, an edible fungi or just a large cowpat!

Good morning  Mr/Mrs/Miss Goat!  These curious goats came up to see us, hoping for a snippet to eat, but none was available.  We wondered why goats' eyes have slit irises and not round ones.   Does a slit iris give them panoramic vision, and help them escape predators?   Can they detect thistles at five miles?  We had no answers. 

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