Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I saw this sign in a shop window today.  Such a  sign is likely to bring out the worst in the Devizes fly-posting brigade!  I wanted to write "Why? somewhere underneath, but thought better of it.   I feel better today, so I took a wander around the town,  popping into some of my favourite shops for a good browse.  I met C in Escourt Street, where we stopped for a good old "chinwag,"  and later bumped into A on a street corner, and had another good natter.  There's nothing like a good "chinwag" with friends on a windy street corner or in a shop entrance, where you can catch up on all the news.  I shall meet these two friends again tomorrow at our coffee morning, where we will have,  yes you've guessed it, another  good "chinwag."
I have recently discovered another JS Bach masterpiece, his great Mass in B Minor.    I've heard snippets of the work over the years, but have recently decided to study it in a bit more in detail.  It is good fun to listen to the music and to follow the notation in the score.  I have never sung this work, and probably never will, but the voices in the soprano line are pure and straight from the heavens.   
I've heard the work on YTube, with Andreas Scholl, the wonderful German counter-tenor singing the alto solos.  The "Agnus Dei," together with his rendition of "Erbarme dich, mein Gott" from the St Matthew Passion, are the two most soul reaching pieces of music I know.   When I go to heaven, I hope to have a good old "chinwag" with Mr JS Bach on a fluffy, windy corner cloud.

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